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Nicole Coustier, founder of Aurelian Coaching

Nicole Coustier

Coaching professionals and teams in demanding environments to navigate high-stakes decisions.

You make thousands of choices a day. But when you face tough decisions, you may feel anxious and lose sleep, worried that you won’t make the right decision.


The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way – 100% of your decisions can be made with absolute confidence. 


I'll show you how to do it.

Creator of the D.A.R.T. Method®

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My clients are high achievers working in demanding roles, just like you. They are ready to finally make confident decisions, resolve lingering problems, and get everything they need.


You are a smart, accomplished professional... yet you might find that the usual strategies for success are now leaving you frustrated or uncertain, even while you’re doing all the “right” things.


Sometimes, you find yourself navigating a situation that feels very high-stakes and high-consequence, and you want the insight and confidence to make the best decisions. 


The solution is not what you might think.


Professionals like you don’t need more time – you’ve already spent enough time on the issue without a decision. You don’t need to do more research or gather more data.

Instead, you need to remove the blocks to your own expertise. Let go of the limitations that hold you back from leveraging the talent, training, and experience you already have to get what you want.


The key is not managing information. They key is managing your mindset and emotional response.

Full Suite of Decision Optimization Programs


Individual Executive Coaching Packages 


Leadership & Decision Making for Teams


The DART Method® for Deliberate Planning


The DART Executive Accountability Membership


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I achieved breakthrough insights at a time when I was stuck and seeking focus. I have a stronger foundation from which to make decisions, and I discovered a more effective way to navigate challenging situations.  

Victoria G.
People Development Director

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Nicole helped me to find my power in a time where I was really lost. The model that she uses, and that she teaches me how to use, has inspired me to look at myself in a more autonomous and self-confident way.

Irene O.

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I gained clarity of myself, my wants, my strengths. Tremendously valuable. The program kept me on track, pushed me past frustrating moments, and gave me significantly more confidence.

Jay O.
Solar Technology Executive

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Nicole is insightful, and her program provides a holistic perspective on decision-making.

Destiny A.
Clinical Program Management

photo of leadership professional

This work has made me a valuable leader within my company and navigating the business world.

Jennifer B.

photo of leadership professional

The program helped me use every decision as something to help me get closer to my vision.

Chris D.
Sales and Marketing Executive

Join these and other accomplished leaders in gaining the confidence and insight necessary to navigate tough personal and professional decisions.
Nicole Coustier, founder of Aurelian Coaching

About Nicole Coustier

Certified Executive Coach, Startup Advisor

Nicole Coustier is the creator of The D.A.R.T. Method®️ of deliberate planning and the Founder of Aurelian Coaching. She is a veteran Silicon Valley medical technology consultant, business coach, career strategist, and leadership mentor for both private individuals and corporate entities. She has over 15 years of experience in mid- and executive-level management positions in life sciences and consulting, and over 25 years total in government policy and operational program design. 


Her expertise in business development, strategy, operations, and policy work makes her a highly sought-after consultant and executive trainer, including demand from the long list of successful tech-sector leaders she has guided for over a decade, across start-ups, mid-sized firms, and well-established industry corporations.


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Before I met with Nicole, I was feeling kind of lost, not knowing my next step to take or at least not feeling my next step to take, to move forward. I felt like I was beating my head against the wall, going around in circles chasing the shiny objects. I figured I had so many things I need to do that I didn't know which thing to start next.


In a very short time, Nicole helped me to make some good decisions, and she help set me on a clear path. Through her methods, I discovered the tools that I need. Most of my life I told myself that I didn't have any fear, but I have come to realize lately, that I have more fears than I was willing to admit to. But, I do have proof that I can and have made great decisions, and can continue to do so.

Sheldon C.
Keynote Speaker, Published Author

Managing your mindset and emotions through tough decisions is a skill that can be learned. The sooner you master it, the sooner you can put uncertainty, apprehension, and paralysis behind you. Start today.
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