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The D.A.R.T. Method membership
A monthly accountability program that actually works

I had run into some blocks that were preventing me from moving forward... Nicole not only helped me figure out the source of my blocks, but also helped me understand why I was not making any progress. I now have a plan that I am applying, but more importantly, it's realistic enough that I can follow through to see results.


- Sae P., Small Business Owner

The perfect level of support that gives just the right nudge without being a burden to your schedule.

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Monthly Deep Dives

Proactive planning: surfacing all the likely barriers and left turns, and addressing them up front.

DART Methodology

You know it works! Time to put it into practice and truly integrate it into your workflows.

Weekly check-ins

Not following through? Let's fix that. We will work together to course-correct where needed.

Breakthroughs alone don't make it happen.

The right support from the right coach does.

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I work in consulting, so my income tends to be cyclical. This helped me set the wheels in motion to devise a plan for the off season. Nicole's extensive business experience makes her a great coach - I highly recommend the program.

Mike F.
Consulting Management

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I wanted to improve my time management, only to discover through Nicole that I actually manage time just fine – I just don’t take the breaks I need. The program surfaced my patterns and how I can have them work FOR me rather than against me.

Mette L.
Business Owner

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I am so grateful to have Nicole as a guiding light. This program doesn’t dwell on weaknesses, but focuses on strengths. It has helped me navigate the ranks and helped me grow while maintaining my sanity, personal ethics, and priorities.

Paige C.
Accounts Director

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