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D.A.R.T. Method® for deliberate planning

The program is super logical and breaks things down so well. Nicole was on point in finding the right questions. The work was so efficient, it’s intense!


- Negar S., Financial Services Executive

Four elements to get organized about how and why you will proceed in the best way possible.

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Anchor yourself in the end goal. Start with whatever gets you closer to your desired outcome or vision.


Specific names or roles only, no ambiguity. Someone has to own it! Use the Einsenhower matrix if necessary.


Why does this make sense to do over something else? Link your decisions to metrics once the rationale is sound.


Love it or hate it, the studies don't lie! Calendar your results over just activity. Have something to show for the time.

Navigate uncertainty and ambiguity well.

Achieve true confidence in all your decisions.

D.A.R.T. Method Program Features

Access a video course describing the DART Method components.

Use weekly coaching sessions to surface, address obstacles proactively.

Sidebar training on what boundaries are and how to set them.

Define appropriate metrics and trackers that propel you.

Use your calendar to full capability and efficiency.

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I’m a very busy person, my time is really precious. Did I get something out of it? Absolutely! We got to the details of what the issue was really quickly. I was able to get straight to solutions in a really great timeframe without being rushed. 

Kelly T.

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DART helps break down complex scenarios so that you can easily focus on what you need to do next to move forward and start making positive change!  I made changes in just a small amount of time working on the program.

Anne B.
Client Management

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I learned how my own perspective was preventing me from moving forward. I ultimately shifted my viewpoint. After DART, I have greater clarity on how to get closer to my goal. I felt at ease with the non-judgmental, supportive approach.

Angelica K.
Nonprofit Coordinator

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