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A call for emotional accountability

two men in a meeting

At some point, pointing to others about how they made you feel is childish and has no place in leadership. Time for emotional accountability!

Emotional accountability is taking responsibility for how you feel and owning up to how it influences your decisions.

Your actions and behavior are derived directly from an emotional response. (No exception.) What you do, you feel first.

Good leadership doesn't stem from anxiety or pride or fear.

Good leadership only comes from openness, clarity, and purpose.

So when you make mission-critical decisions, make sure you are aware of the emotional space you're in. Even if the decision would be the same, making that decision from a place of scarcity will not result in the desired outcome compared to that decision made from abundance and excitement.

You interpret your circumstances and others' behavior or words. You generate and control your own emotions. Others doing or saying something that makes you feel some kind of way does not relinquish your responsibility to make a sound decision.

Emotional accountability is knowing that despite your circumstances and surroundings, you own your emotional response and reaction, and therefore take full responsibility for the decisions you make.

This is emotional accountability. This is emotional adulthood.


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